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Enjoying Festivities with Diabetes

Effective strategies for glycemic control in patients with diabetes include strict compliance to medications, balanced diet and regular exercise. Now the festive season is on and it is extremely important to maintain balance in daily calories by the help of the following tips:

  • Incorporate 3+3 diet pattern, that is to divide daily meal pattern into 3 major meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and 3 minor meals in between to reduce fluctuations in blood glucose levels.
  • Though it is difficult to stay away from fried foods, sweets and you cannot be on the dieting mode during the festive time but restrict the amount or portions to a reasonable extent. Don’t stuff yourself excessively but try to eat in control.
  • Sugar and calories goes hand in hand. Consume refined carbohydrate in limited quantities only. Complex carbohydrate source like wheat based preparations are rather preferred choices.
  • Avoid saturated fats like butter, margarine, ghee, dalda etc. Avoid hidden calorie sources like biscuits, soft drinks, canned fruit juices, packaged food items to prevent overload of calories and refrain from reusing or recycling of cooking oil.
  • Choose healthy options like fruits, vegetables and adequate protein in your diet as much as possible.
  • Prefer homemade foods. It is advisable to cook your sweets at home rather than purchasing. So, you can monitor the ingredients and it may also enable a sense of satisfaction of it being self-made.
  • To keep ourselves hydrated is of utmost importance. We must carry our water bottles or keep sipping water every one to two hours.
  • Don’t forget to exercise. 20-30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise will help to burn out the excess calories consumed. Even if you cannot go to the gym, make sure that you at least go for a walk (preferably brisk walking) or can even do a workout with your friends.  It does not have to be a heavy session.

By this manner you can keep a check on your health while you feast on various cuisines during happy celebration of festivals. Eat healthy and stay healthy.